Friday, 10 February 2012

Why Weatherfield is it's own town

Weatherfield's crown court
Weatherfield General Hospital
Weatherfield Gazette
Weatherfield Central Police

Aside from that there is Weatherfield Council, the Weatherfield Wayfarer and Weatherfield on all the post, all these things only really exist in towns and not in a district of a city/town. Weatherfield is a town in Greater Manchester, which is similar in itself to Salford, or perhaps Salford itself.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Where's where? A quick guide to Weatherfield

I was discussing Corrie on a forum the other day, only to find out that the people I was talking to had no idea where anyone lived, so I did some images/maps for them.

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Feel free to reuse these if you want to!

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Corrie's new set: List of noticeable changes

Over at Coronation Street Blog yesterday, I blogged about pictures of the Corrie set model being
released, in this post I will list the number of changes to the set that I have noticed, all of them seem to benefit the show in someway.

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1. Mawdsley Street's back end now looks mostly complete, as if these houses could now be used or be seen more in the show, which could be interesting as Mawdsley Street has never really featured in the show all that much.

2. The mural behind the Rovers viaduct now looks quite a bit larger, the main reason for this seems to be that the area behind the street is going to be at the same level as the street itself, which will allow for more cars to enter from that area of the street.

3. As you can see in the comparison picture, Underworld is very small on the current set, which seems at odds with the two floored version of the factory we had before Tony blew it up. The strange thing is, the current factory will be noticeably smaller than how it seems on the exterior set, maybe we will finally see the fabled packaging department?

4. There are now two front windows on the front of the Rovers, a lot of Corrie fans noted this when the plans were first released and were somewhat puzzled at the addition, compare here between the current Rovers and the new Rovers.

5. The gardens will now be a lot larger, which will be good for the Webster family, who currently have a very cramped back garden due to the conservatory that appeared a few years ago.

6. A small extension has been made to the back of the Rovers, I'm actually not to sure if this exists at the current set, but it stood out as being new.

Click for larger picture

1. The first big difference I noticed looking at the model is there now seems to be a wall beside the tram tracks on Coronation Street, while this will stop any future tram crashes, it also looks like we wont be able to see the tram going over the street anymore, which is a little disappointing. Although it could simply be to stop people from seeing onto the street as much and is actually removable.

2. This one is a little obvious, but on the new set there will be no large "Granada Studios" type building overlooking the set, which means the directors wont have to be so careful with their shots near the Rovers. though, as can be seen from this picture, there will be a mass of buildings which will no longer crowd the surrounding area of the set.

3. It seems as if Victoria Street has now gained itself a back street, on the current set, this area doesn't exist at all, it will be interesting to see if they use this area of the set or not. In general though, it well help the area seem less enclosed.

4. Victoria Court will finally be more or a solid structure than the current facade, also it looks like the bridge between the new part of Victoria Court and the old Bonded Warehouse part of Victoria Court will now be more permanent, I wouldn't be surprised if they added a Rosamund Street style mural at the other side.

5. Nothing big about this, just that the Bookies will finally be a solid structure.

6. Probably the best fix to the new set yet, in the comparison pic it is clear to see that the viaduct on the current set just seems to end, on the new set, the viaduct will continue to run past Nutall's Brewery. This will help avoid moments like this in 2007 where it became painfully obvious that Coronation Street is a set.

And that is the end of the noticeable changes to the new set, thanks for reading!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Bank Robbery in Weatherfield!

Weatherfield Police today confirmed that a old army veteran, Jim McDonald attempted to rob a large amount of money from the Lancashire & Flye building society, he was however foiled by a member of staff, who pressed the silent alarm.

A have-a-go-hero college student also tried to stop Mr. McDonald by hitting him with a chair. More news as it comes in.

In other news - Read this article in heatworld about soap storylines we'd love to see.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Coronation Street resident arrested for fraud

Mrs. Eileen Grimshaw of 11 Coronation Street was arrested on the charge of fraud yesterday, which she later pleaded guilty to.

It is understood that she stole £10,000 from Mr. Owen Armstrong, by signing her name on a cheque for the rebuilding of Underworld last year, though she did pay Mr. Armstrong back, Mrs. Grimshaw recived a caution for her actions

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Builder Woes on Coronation Street

It seems the rebuilding of Mr. Dev Alahan's Corner Shop on Coronation Street has hit a blip, reports from a certain street resident claim "That Dev seems to have not been keeping up with his payments, I tell you now, I've not had any trouble paying him, mind I don't own posh apartments or kebab shops"

So as residents continue having to make the extra ten minute commute to Balaclava Terraces off-license for their wines and milk, we have to wonder, will D&S Alahan's Corner Shop actually manage to reopen?

Friday, 14 January 2011

Coronation Street reopens to traffic

Just over a month after the terrible tragedy that struck Coronation Street, the street has finally reopened to traffic and pedestrians., hopefully this will bring an end to the terrible congestion on Rosamund and Mawdley Streets.

In other news, police are searching for a Mrs. Claire Peacock who is believed to have evaded police capture after she assulted Ms. Tracy Barlow of No.1 Coronation Street.