Monday, 30 August 2010

News from around Weatherfield in brief

News from around Weatherfield
  • Cat goes missing , locals search bins
  • Roy Cropper and Hayley Cropper of Victoria Street prepare to tie the knot!
  • The Mayor pays a visit to Weatherfield High, to open the new computer room
  • The Google Streetview car drives through Weatherfield, still no word on why the Coronation Street area was removed from the service
  • Weatherfield locals take part in Manchester Pride!

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Weatherfield's best boozer?

Which of Weatherfield's public houses do you like best? We shortlisted several of them and have begun a poll! So get voting! Is it the Rovers? The Flying Horse? The Queens? The Weathy Arms? You decide!

Voting closes on the 4th September!

Monday, 23 August 2010

Virtual Weatherfield!

Weatherfield Coucil have recently hired some to make a virtual version of Weatherfield, and here are some of the shots from the work in progress! The virtual Weatherfield is being made on the PC video game 'The Sims 2'.

To the top left is a picture of Underworld, The Kabin and a house on Coronation Street, the posh looking street, near the town center. In the middle is Rosamund Street looking toward Victoria Street. And bottom  picture is of Victoria Street.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Bus Routes changed

GMPTE have revealed changes to Weatherfield's bus routes, to get to Oakhill you now have to take the 23, to get to the Quays, take the 13, and for Manchester and Salford take the 209.

The changes have got Weatherfield residents all in tizzle, Mr. Norris Cole of 3 Coronation Street had this to say "I'd only just got used to the old service! Flaming Weatherfield Council, useless!

The War Of The Builders Ends

The feud between two rival building companies has ended. Mr. Webster and Mr. Armstrong (pictured left) had been at each others throats over the contract for rebuilding the recently burned down Underworld, Mr. Armstrong won, and even let Mr. Webster in on some work, but following an accident, Mr. Webster was sacked. Mr. Webster has now sold his building yard on Victoria Street to Owen Armstrong Construction.

Speaking of the decision, Mr. Webster said "I felt I was just getting to old to continue working like I was, I'm looking forward to a good long rest.

Monday, 16 August 2010

The Queens reopens following fire

Newton & Ridley have reopened the Queens pub, situated in the Weatherfield Quays, the pub was gutted by fire earlier this year. The fire was an electrical fault. The new Queen's boasts one of Weatherfield's best Beer Gardens.

The reopening restores the pub crawl known as the "Weatherfield Seven" back to normal. Though there are whispers of a new bar opening soon!

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Barlow's Bookies cheated out of £3K!

Shockwaves echoed through Weatherfield's Barlow family last night as it was revealed they'd been cheated out of over £3000's in numerous scams carried out by a man named "Lewis Archer". Mr. Archer was to move to Greece yesterday with with local salon owner Audrey Roberts (ex-wife of the late ex-Mayor Alf Roberts), but he did a runner leaving Mrs. Roberts behind.

If you see Mr. Lewis Archer please inform the local police station.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Underworld reopens it's doors

Today, Underworld reopened it doors to its staff, this comes after many weeks of working under the viaduct at the Joinery on Viaduct Street. Mrs. Connor and the staff celebrated the reopening at the local boozer, The Rovers Return.

I wonder if The Joinery Bar will now remain empty? Only time will tell.