Saturday, 14 August 2010

Barlow's Bookies cheated out of £3K!

Shockwaves echoed through Weatherfield's Barlow family last night as it was revealed they'd been cheated out of over £3000's in numerous scams carried out by a man named "Lewis Archer". Mr. Archer was to move to Greece yesterday with with local salon owner Audrey Roberts (ex-wife of the late ex-Mayor Alf Roberts), but he did a runner leaving Mrs. Roberts behind.

If you see Mr. Lewis Archer please inform the local police station.

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Roving Reporter said...

Ex local Counciller Dierdre Barlow also received a pie in the face because of this man, and local Mayor's window Audrey Roberts is purported to have been cheated out of £100,000 but this has so far been denied by Audrey's family.