Monday, 30 August 2010

News from around Weatherfield in brief

News from around Weatherfield
  • Cat goes missing , locals search bins
  • Roy Cropper and Hayley Cropper of Victoria Street prepare to tie the knot!
  • The Mayor pays a visit to Weatherfield High, to open the new computer room
  • The Google Streetview car drives through Weatherfield, still no word on why the Coronation Street area was removed from the service
  • Weatherfield locals take part in Manchester Pride!


Senna the Soothsayer said...

Chewy I have to commend you for taking to time and trouble for making all these up and posting them, pictures and all but nobody is taking any notice!!!

Chewy said...

Thanks :p I think its because I left it too long in between some stories and people lost interest D:

Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying them!

Chewy said...

thank you :D

seapenguin said...

Keep going chewy - sod 'em!