Saturday, 26 February 2011

Coronation Street resident arrested for fraud

Mrs. Eileen Grimshaw of 11 Coronation Street was arrested on the charge of fraud yesterday, which she later pleaded guilty to.

It is understood that she stole £10,000 from Mr. Owen Armstrong, by signing her name on a cheque for the rebuilding of Underworld last year, though she did pay Mr. Armstrong back, Mrs. Grimshaw recived a caution for her actions

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Builder Woes on Coronation Street

It seems the rebuilding of Mr. Dev Alahan's Corner Shop on Coronation Street has hit a blip, reports from a certain street resident claim "That Dev seems to have not been keeping up with his payments, I tell you now, I've not had any trouble paying him, mind I don't own posh apartments or kebab shops"

So as residents continue having to make the extra ten minute commute to Balaclava Terraces off-license for their wines and milk, we have to wonder, will D&S Alahan's Corner Shop actually manage to reopen?