Thursday, 24 February 2011

Builder Woes on Coronation Street

It seems the rebuilding of Mr. Dev Alahan's Corner Shop on Coronation Street has hit a blip, reports from a certain street resident claim "That Dev seems to have not been keeping up with his payments, I tell you now, I've not had any trouble paying him, mind I don't own posh apartments or kebab shops"

So as residents continue having to make the extra ten minute commute to Balaclava Terraces off-license for their wines and milk, we have to wonder, will D&S Alahan's Corner Shop actually manage to reopen?

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The Magic Circle said...

Can I introduce you to Owen's Magic Builders, last week D&S (Dozy and Stupid) Alahan's shop was a building site and work had stopped, now abracadabra shezan, a couple of days and five grand later its suddenly ready to open and fully stocked. Truly Magic.