Thursday, 2 September 2010

Rosamund Street viaduct gets revamp

The viaduct on Rosmaund Street was closed off on Monday as GMPTE replaced the old railings which have stood there for over a decade, the new railings are more colourful and will make the area look more attractive, however there are no plans to do the same with the Viaduct Street viaduct.

Monday, 30 August 2010

News from around Weatherfield in brief

News from around Weatherfield
  • Cat goes missing , locals search bins
  • Roy Cropper and Hayley Cropper of Victoria Street prepare to tie the knot!
  • The Mayor pays a visit to Weatherfield High, to open the new computer room
  • The Google Streetview car drives through Weatherfield, still no word on why the Coronation Street area was removed from the service
  • Weatherfield locals take part in Manchester Pride!

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Weatherfield's best boozer?

Which of Weatherfield's public houses do you like best? We shortlisted several of them and have begun a poll! So get voting! Is it the Rovers? The Flying Horse? The Queens? The Weathy Arms? You decide!

Voting closes on the 4th September!

Monday, 23 August 2010

Virtual Weatherfield!

Weatherfield Coucil have recently hired some to make a virtual version of Weatherfield, and here are some of the shots from the work in progress! The virtual Weatherfield is being made on the PC video game 'The Sims 2'.

To the top left is a picture of Underworld, The Kabin and a house on Coronation Street, the posh looking street, near the town center. In the middle is Rosamund Street looking toward Victoria Street. And bottom  picture is of Victoria Street.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Bus Routes changed

GMPTE have revealed changes to Weatherfield's bus routes, to get to Oakhill you now have to take the 23, to get to the Quays, take the 13, and for Manchester and Salford take the 209.

The changes have got Weatherfield residents all in tizzle, Mr. Norris Cole of 3 Coronation Street had this to say "I'd only just got used to the old service! Flaming Weatherfield Council, useless!

The War Of The Builders Ends

The feud between two rival building companies has ended. Mr. Webster and Mr. Armstrong (pictured left) had been at each others throats over the contract for rebuilding the recently burned down Underworld, Mr. Armstrong won, and even let Mr. Webster in on some work, but following an accident, Mr. Webster was sacked. Mr. Webster has now sold his building yard on Victoria Street to Owen Armstrong Construction.

Speaking of the decision, Mr. Webster said "I felt I was just getting to old to continue working like I was, I'm looking forward to a good long rest.

Monday, 16 August 2010

The Queens reopens following fire

Newton & Ridley have reopened the Queens pub, situated in the Weatherfield Quays, the pub was gutted by fire earlier this year. The fire was an electrical fault. The new Queen's boasts one of Weatherfield's best Beer Gardens.

The reopening restores the pub crawl known as the "Weatherfield Seven" back to normal. Though there are whispers of a new bar opening soon!

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Barlow's Bookies cheated out of £3K!

Shockwaves echoed through Weatherfield's Barlow family last night as it was revealed they'd been cheated out of over £3000's in numerous scams carried out by a man named "Lewis Archer". Mr. Archer was to move to Greece yesterday with with local salon owner Audrey Roberts (ex-wife of the late ex-Mayor Alf Roberts), but he did a runner leaving Mrs. Roberts behind.

If you see Mr. Lewis Archer please inform the local police station.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Underworld reopens it's doors

Today, Underworld reopened it doors to its staff, this comes after many weeks of working under the viaduct at the Joinery on Viaduct Street. Mrs. Connor and the staff celebrated the reopening at the local boozer, The Rovers Return.

I wonder if The Joinery Bar will now remain empty? Only time will tell.

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Inkerman Street to hold a summer fayre

Inkerman Street are to take ideas from their nearby neighbors, Coronation Street, and hold a Summer Fayre! The Fayre last year was organised by Mrs. Claire Peacock and was to raise money for Weatherfield General Hospital's carpark. Inkerman Street's party is to donate its money to Weatherfield General Hospital too according to Harry Green, a resident on the street. I say this is a great idea!

Drunken party at Roy's Rolls?

This reporter was shocked to learn that last night Roy's Rolls on Victoria Street became the scene of a drunken party, in which most of the guests became intoxicated. Roy's Rolls for the longest time has been a nice place to eat and even recently won an award for it.

Although when we looked futher into the case, it seems the punch was spiked and it was not the fault of poor Mr. & Mrs. Cropper.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The Kabin wins The Weatherfield Recorder's Best Business of the Year Award

The Kabin, located on Coronation Street has won our latest award "Best Business Of The Year Award." The Kabin won by the most votes, here are the final results:

D and S Alahan's - 0 votes
Freschos - 1 votes
Audrey's Hair Salon - 2 votes
Elliot and Sons Butchers - 4 votes
Barlow's Bookies - 1 votes
Underworld - 3 votes
The Kabin - 16 votes

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Underworld reconstruction coming along well

The reconstruction of Underworld is coming along well, according to local builder, Owen Armstrong. The factory was burned down in May, by escaped murderer, Tony Gordon, Mr. Gordon and his accomplice Robbie Sloane were the only people killed in the siege of the factory.

Since the fire, Underworld has been operating out of The Joinery bar on Viaduct Street. The main factory is expected to reopen next month.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Police arrest man for murder in block of flats

Today police arrested a man in Weatherfield General for murder, the murder occoured last night in Crimea Street, when a block of flats were broken too. "From the looks of things, the victim was trying to fight the intruder" A police spokesman explained "and the intruder used a ornament to silence the victim. The murderer then lept from the window and damaged his ankle, he is thought to have headed to Weatherfield General to be treated, which is where the police finally caught up with him.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Roadworks come to an end on Rosamund Street

The roadworks that have plagued Rosamund Street for the past two months have finally come to an end, the whole road had to be retarmaced to finish off as the amount of maintinence work done had made the road too bumpy and made it frankly look like a patchwork quilt.

Traffic is now flowing easily up and down the street, a resident of Mawdsley Street commented on the completion "It's a relief" she explained "it's sounded like the M1 the last few months, I have had to put the subtitles on when watching my soaps!"

Friday, 23 July 2010

The Flying Horse charity run raises £10,000

The charity run held by The Flying Horse on Jubilee Terrace has raised funds of £10,000, the money will go to Cancer Research UK. "It's great news" explains Tim, the landlord "We wasnt expecting so much money to be raised, to all those who took part, thank you"

Well done indeed! Word has it that they're already planning another race next year!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Statue of Mayor to be erected on the Red Rec?

The Council are currently in talks to erect a statue of the Mayor, who died recently. The Mayor had angina. Which seemed to become a large talking point across Weatherfield.

Local newsagent, Norris Cole had this to say on his Twitter account "They want to erect a monument on the Red Rec in dedication to the Mayor who died a few months back. Over my dead b.. well, you get the idea."

So, do you think the mayor deserves a monument or a statue? 

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

'No faults in the tracks' says Council

Tramgate continues today as Weatherfield Council assure naysayers that the tracks on Viaduct Street are perfectly safe and there is no need to worry, GMPTE recently carried out maintenance on the Viaduct tramlines to make sure they were safe enough for passengers travel on. The whole incident began when a ex-tram driver said if the Council didnt do something the tramlines could face disaster. Well it seems the council took his complaint to heart! First time for everything!

Who is Weatherfield's Best Local Business?

Voting has now opened for "The Weatherfield Recorder's Best Business of the Year" award! So get voting! Voting closes on the 27th July 2010, and the winner of the award will be announced shortly after! So who is the best local business? Underworld? D&S Alahans Corner Shop? Or Freschos? You decide!

Monday, 19 July 2010

Roys Rolls wins 'The Weatherfield Recorder's Eatery Of The Year' award

Here at the Recorder we a re proud to announced the winner of our "Eatery of the Year" award, the winner is: Roys Rolls! Roys Rolls is a cafe on Victoria Street, it serves brilliant Northern breakfasts and I personally recommend it!

Roys Rolls - 20 votes
Rovers Return - 5 votes
For Your Fries Only - 3 votes
Prima Doner - 1 votes
The Clock - 0 votes
Flying Horse - 0 votes

Rosamund Street medical center facing cuts

Weatherfield Council today announced that Rosamund Street's Medical Center is under review, the Medical Center is close to many residents on the neighboring streets, it is well used and also houses a creche for busy mums.

Last year the medical center was broken into by local drug addict, Joe McIntyre, who died earlier this year. "The cuts, if any are needed, will be announced in a months time" A spokesperson explained.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Fire damages The Weatherfield Arms

Last night a fire broke out at The Weatherfield Arms, the fire broke out in the pubs kitchen, the fire was caused by a chip pan that was left unatteneded, the fire managed to burn out the kitchen but was stopped before any serious damage could be done to the pub. Due to the fire, The Weatherfield Arms will not be serving meals for several weeks.

I guess they will have to go to The Rovers Return for that! I hear they do a great hotpot

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Weatherfield Canal closed after water shortages

Weatherfield canal was closed today following water shortages in the North West of England, the canal will reopen when enough rain fills the canal back up to safe levels. This follows the hosepipe ban earlier this month, and a ban on fountains and any other water features.

"It's a bit of a shame" said the local lock keeper "I wont be much use now, what with no one using the locks, I guess I'll have to get one of those city jobs then." Indeed you will, Mr. Alcohol Induced Lock Keeper!

Is Victoria Court in trouble?

Since it opened in 2008, Victoria Court has struggled to fill up all the apartments, after all, it was born in the midst of the credit crunch, fast forward two years, and it still hasnt managed to sell some apartments, granted, it isnt as bad as it was in 2008, but its still struggling. Of course, the fact that Tony Gordon was the man behind these apartments hasnt helped either, with him going to prison in November last year, then breaking out and blowing up the nearby factory.

Hopefully, things will get better for this little gem of a building, it has definitely brightened up Victoria Street, though the fact its built next to a builders yards takes a little bit away from it.

Picture credit - Coronation Street Fun Pages

Friday, 16 July 2010

The Viaduct Shopping Center opens new food court!

Weatherfield's shopping center, The Viaduct, has opened it's food court to the public, I personally think the Viaduct is a great shopping center and suggest everyone gives it a try.

It's got free parking, and you can get the Weatherfield Wayfarer! It's also a lot easier to get to than the Trafford Center! But let's not forget all the smaller stores out there too, keep visiting them too.

Town Hall staff to strike?

Weatherfield Town Hall staff are preparing to strike following massive job cuts. The union for the staff said "We're supposed to be trying to make our way through this recession together, and all the Tory government can think about is job cuts, it's Thatcherism making it's ugly return. They may be cutting jobs, but they don't seem to realise, that puts more people on the dole."

The Town Hall isnt the only place affected by the recent job cuts, a number of doctors and nurses at Weatherfield General Hospital have also been made redundant.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

The factory war is over

We've just got news in here at the Recorder that Mr. Tilsley has offered Mrs. Connor to let her workers work in the The Joinery whilst Underworld is being repaired, this brings the factory war to an end and Weatherfield's knicker stitchers breathing a sigh of relief.

Underworld is set to reopen in a month or so, which will hopefully help Weatherfield's residents through the recession.

Newton & Ridley to open new pub

Newton & Ridley have announced that they will be opening a new public house in Weatherfield, it hasnt yet been given a name, but it marks the first time Newton & Ridley have opened a new bar in decades.

The pub is planned to be completed by November of this year and will be located beside the Weatherfield Quays. "The new public house will remain true to the spirit of the English pub, boozers need not worry that we will be opening a wine bar!" said a spokesperson for the company.

New Frescho supermarket to be built on the outskirts?

Today Frescho chiefs revealed their plans to build a 3 floor supermarket on the outside of town, the store would also include a cafeteria on the third floor. "The planned supermarket would be built outside of a residential area, so that it wouldnt overshadow any houses" The planning chief explained.

The current Freshco's store would face closure if the supermarket gets the go-ahead, the store was once held under siege by two robbers, back in 2000.

Local man wins £1000 bet in Bookies!

Local man, Neal Tanner has won a £1000 bet in the local bookies, the bet was for the World Cup final, which was held on Sunday. Mr. Tanner, it seems forgot to take in his slip. When asked what he would do with the winnings he said this "I think I'll go on holiday, maybe a permanent one...", I wish I could do the same Mr. Tanner!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Feedback - Reader's letters

Here at the Recorder, we like to make sure the readers like what they read, and what they want to hear more of, or less of, so we've added a second poll to the side of the page, also feel free to leave feedback in the comments section below!

Also, you can vote multiple options this time!

Picture credit - Coronation Street Blog

Rain cancels The One O'Clock's trip to Blackpool

The One O'clock club's trip to Blackpool has been canceled due to bad weather, the trip will be rearranged for a later date.

The O'clock club manager explained the reasons for canceling "We had to cancel the trip due to the bad weather, we couldn't have one of the members slipping and having to get a Polish hip!" the manager explained "The trip was organised in the memory of our old friend Blanche Hunt, who passed away in May, we miss her comments on the coach journey."

Viaduct Street tram track repairs cause tram delays

Repair's are being carried out on the Viaduct Street stretch of the tram tracks today following complaints, the repairs are minor and will take one hour maximum, minor delays are to be expected at 2pm-3pm.

Though the track is being repaired, will it be enough to ease the unrest of the ex-tram driver who complained to the council last week? And will it be enough to prevent an accident? Only time will tell. I much prefer taking the Wayfarer anyway. Though it does have a strange smell.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Coronation Street: Through the ages

1970's - In the1970's a block of Maisonette's were built on the street, replacingan old raincoat factory and the mission hall. They towered over the street and were very oppresive.

1980's - The Maisonette's didnt last long before they were demolished, they were replaced with a factory unit and a community center. The street looked the best it had since the 60's.

Late 1980's - No.7 Coronation Street was rebuilt, part of the viaduct wall was also lowered, brightening up the street.
1989 - The community center and factory unit were demolished, work
began on a new development. This reporter got a sneak look at the building site.

1990's - The new side of the street was finished soon after, bringing a post office, hairdressers, three new houses, and a factory unit.The street looked very inviting during this time.

2010 - A new bar was planned be opened under the viaduct, but it became empty soon after. Also, a snowstorm brought a little cheer to Weatherfield, not sure if the resident's liked it though!

Weatherfield spending [cut] spree!

Weatherfield's shopping center, The Viaduct has fallen victim to the Tory government, there was plans for a Trafford Center sized dining hall, but these plans have been dropped thanks to the Tory cutbacks, instead The Viaduct will only get a medium sized dining hall.

Also the Weatherfield Wayfarer's service will be reduced, with only one bus arriving per 30 minutes, instead of the current 15 minutes. Also the plans for the 'Urban Splash' houses have been dropped.

Monday, 12 July 2010

The tale of two Factories


If these two buildings have anything in common, it's the fact that neither is fit to be used as a factory, as it seems, the council have not turned up at the old Joinery and shut down Mr. Tilsley's bootleg operation, that doesn't stop Mrs. Gordon, who, according to my sources isn't backing down.

It now seems that Mrs. Gordon has also started building work on Underworld, on Coronation Street, using Mr. Armstrong as her builder and not local builder, Bill Webster. I wish luck to Mrs. Gordon in her business, and Mr. Tilsley? Bad luck matey.

Local lad goes to X Factor auditions

Local lad, Kirk Sutherland attended the X Factor audtions in Manchester, he sang "Sex on Fire" by King's of Leon and wowed Simon Cowell with his singing. We went to visit Kirk at his home on Coronation Street, he had this to say "It was right good" he explained "I can't believe I got through, the crowd loved me!"

Mr. Sutherland isn't new to talent shows, in 2008, he entered a competition in Sun City in Africa, and showed off his football skills by headering a ball.

Weatherfield Jobs

This weeks jobs from around Weatherfield

Position: Shelf stacker
Hours: 1am-10am
Wage: National Minimum Wage
Contact us: In store

The Weatherfield Arms
Position: Barmaid
Hours: 2pm-1am
Wage: £6 per hour
Contact us: Bring CV into the pub

Weatherfield Council
Position: Cleaner
Hours: 8am-5pm
Wage: £4 per hour
Contact us:

Weatherfield Recorder
Postion: Scotty's assistant
Hours: 9am-5pm
Wage: £10 per hour
Contact us: At our HQ in Queen's Shopping Precinct

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Join us on Facebook

Scotty has been hard at work once again, this time, he's gone and made us a Facebook page, so now we are on Twitter @WeatherfieldRec and on Facebook. Now all we need to do is get poor Scotty a warm cuppa.

Old Picture Of The Week

Here is a picture of  Coronation Street, Weatherfield in the 1970's, while the terraced row has not changed too much, the opposite side most certainly has, as you can see, Maisonette's were built across from the terraced row, they were terrible, nasty, damp and cold buildings, and very imposing. I was glad to see the back of them. They were demolished following the accidental death of Valerie Barlow, who died due to faulty wiring. The Maisonette's were torn down and replaced with a community center and a factory unit.

Picture credit -