Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Statue of Mayor to be erected on the Red Rec?

The Council are currently in talks to erect a statue of the Mayor, who died recently. The Mayor had angina. Which seemed to become a large talking point across Weatherfield.

Local newsagent, Norris Cole had this to say on his Twitter account "They want to erect a monument on the Red Rec in dedication to the Mayor who died a few months back. Over my dead b.. well, you get the idea."

So, do you think the mayor deserves a monument or a statue? 


Boris Johnston said...

Didnt Alf Roberts have a statue or plaque? I seem to to remember a ceremony with Aud attending, perhaps Chews can enlighten us.

Coronation Street Corner said...

They tried to build a fountain in memory of Alf, but fierce opposition from Emily, Rita, Blanche, Betty and Norris, who didn't want to pay extra taxes, put the plan to rest. I'm not sure if they called a street after him though - Alf Roberts Way.