Friday, 9 July 2010

'Weatherfield tramlines in dire need of repair'

A ex-tram driver today issued a stark and very real warning to Weatherfield council - Fix those tracks or face the consequences. The tram driver (who wishes to remain anonymous) spoke to the Recorder today, he explained how certain parts of the viaduct (which runs all the way down Viaduct Street) felt very shaky.

"It only takes one little mistake and we could have a disaster on our hands!" the unnamed tram driver claims. However a spokeswoman from Weatherfield Council quickly issued a statement to the press.

"The claims made by Mr. Barker are completely unfounded, GMPTE do regular maintenance on the lines to ensure that residents can travel safelyand directly into the center of Greater Manchester. However, following these claims further checks will be made"

This reporter wonders who is in the right here.


Cristal Ball said...

Thought I would be the first to post here Chewy.

Oh dear trouble with rails eh? Obviously the terrible negligent Weatherfield Council will ignore this plea due to lack of funds in David Cameron's cut back Britain and they could be a disaster around Christmas time.

Chewy said...

Yep, if only Weatherfield Council listened!