Saturday, 10 July 2010

Weatherfield Recorder investigates - Bar? Joinery? or Factory?

For years, this unit in Viaduct Street sat nicely as Turner's Joinery, (though it did get a car through it's doors back in 2004) until 2009 that is, when Mr. Turner decided to sell up, prompting George Wilson to buy and renovate it into a bar...then for the owner of the bar, Peter Barlow to subsequently make an utter fool of himself by getting drunk and ruining  it's grand opening.

The old bar then sat vacant for months, that was until gunman Anthony Gordon burnt down the local factory, leaving many jobless. As it seems, for weeks, factory boss Nick Tilsley has not only set up a temporary factory, but  has also begun operating outside of the Underworld brand. This is all well and good, but Mr. Tilsely seems to have forgot to inform Weatherfield Council and get the correct permits to operate a factory. Well done Nick.

Picture credit - Coronation Street Blog

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