Monday, 19 July 2010

Roys Rolls wins 'The Weatherfield Recorder's Eatery Of The Year' award

Here at the Recorder we a re proud to announced the winner of our "Eatery of the Year" award, the winner is: Roys Rolls! Roys Rolls is a cafe on Victoria Street, it serves brilliant Northern breakfasts and I personally recommend it!

Roys Rolls - 20 votes
Rovers Return - 5 votes
For Your Fries Only - 3 votes
Prima Doner - 1 votes
The Clock - 0 votes
Flying Horse - 0 votes


Heston Blumenthal said...

What happened to Delphines I wonder?

The menu at Roys always looks pretty reasonably priced I always think. Would love to have a fry up there.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Delhpines where did that go? And we never really see the Clock anymore.

Chewy said...

I'm thinking either Delphines or The Clock turned into Valandros