Tuesday, 20 July 2010

'No faults in the tracks' says Council

Tramgate continues today as Weatherfield Council assure naysayers that the tracks on Viaduct Street are perfectly safe and there is no need to worry, GMPTE recently carried out maintenance on the Viaduct tramlines to make sure they were safe enough for passengers travel on. The whole incident began when a ex-tram driver said if the Council didnt do something the tramlines could face disaster. Well it seems the council took his complaint to heart! First time for everything!


Daily Bugle said...

One of the soaps mags has Kieran, Molly, Tyrone and Carla on the front as casualties of the tram crash but I canot beleive they would write out Carla as she is a pretty popular character and I thought Phil Collinson said it was all under wraps.

Chewy said...

I think they're just guessing :P