Sunday, 11 July 2010

Weatherfield to get its own 'Urban Splash'?

Weatherfield Council are currently meeting with several regeneration committees to discuss the regenration of areas of Weatherfield, such as Nightingale Terrace, which is still boarded up following the last resident, Mr. Jed Stone leaving. There was plans to completely demolish the area, replacing the houses with Victoria Court style apartments, though this was halted when England went into the recession.

Personally, I don't like the idea, take, for example Coronation Street, and Mawdsley Street, both filled with character and history, would anyone really want to replace that with generic houses like the ones in the picture above?


Tvor said...

I actually saw these houses on a tour of Weatherfield in May, they're next to Langworthy Park aka Chimneypot Park. They've replaced all the chimneys on the houses with those little blocks you can see on the tops of these. Not nearly as much character but probably nice inside.

Chewy said...

The backs do look nice, and it's quite a good design, it looks quite futuristic (the type of futuristic you see in these time travel shows)and they'd probably gain character as they get older :D