Sunday, 18 July 2010

Fire damages The Weatherfield Arms

Last night a fire broke out at The Weatherfield Arms, the fire broke out in the pubs kitchen, the fire was caused by a chip pan that was left unatteneded, the fire managed to burn out the kitchen but was stopped before any serious damage could be done to the pub. Due to the fire, The Weatherfield Arms will not be serving meals for several weeks.

I guess they will have to go to The Rovers Return for that! I hear they do a great hotpot


Mr Newton senior said...

Its a pity the Rovers doenst interact with the Weathy Arms more, like in the Annie Walker days, a bit of landlady rivalry with the Flying Horse, what happened to the Flying Horse by the way?

Chewy said...

I totally agree, I miss seeing the Weathy Arms, it made a good alternative :p The Flying Horse was last seen when Tyrone went there for his stag night on his wedding day when he had to meet some guy, also Liz mentioned they had to beat the Flying Horse in the Best Barmaid comp :p