Thursday, 15 July 2010

Local man wins £1000 bet in Bookies!

Local man, Neal Tanner has won a £1000 bet in the local bookies, the bet was for the World Cup final, which was held on Sunday. Mr. Tanner, it seems forgot to take in his slip. When asked what he would do with the winnings he said this "I think I'll go on holiday, maybe a permanent one...", I wish I could do the same Mr. Tanner!


Paddy Power said...

That cant be a picture of Barlow's bookies, he has no screens up, likes to do it the "old fashioned way" according to his assistant Dreary. Stuck in the 70s more like.

Chewy said...

Haha yeah, I couldnt find a picture of the new bookies, so this one would be another one somewhere in Weatherfield, could be "William Bill", "Ladybrookes" or "BetAshley" :p