Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Coronation Street: Through the ages

1970's - In the1970's a block of Maisonette's were built on the street, replacingan old raincoat factory and the mission hall. They towered over the street and were very oppresive.

1980's - The Maisonette's didnt last long before they were demolished, they were replaced with a factory unit and a community center. The street looked the best it had since the 60's.

Late 1980's - No.7 Coronation Street was rebuilt, part of the viaduct wall was also lowered, brightening up the street.
1989 - The community center and factory unit were demolished, work
began on a new development. This reporter got a sneak look at the building site.

1990's - The new side of the street was finished soon after, bringing a post office, hairdressers, three new houses, and a factory unit.The street looked very inviting during this time.

2010 - A new bar was planned be opened under the viaduct, but it became empty soon after. Also, a snowstorm brought a little cheer to Weatherfield, not sure if the resident's liked it though!

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