Saturday, 10 July 2010

'The cobbles on Coronation Street are a nightmare!'

An ex-Newton & Ridley delivery man has filed a complaint to Weatherfield Council, complaining that the cobbles are a nightmare to drive down - Oh dear... I guess we shall just have to cement over it then, right? Wrong Mr. Brewery man.

In December 2000, the cobbles of the street became part of the United Kingdom's heritage, meaning that the cobbles can never be tarmacked over. The decision to make the cobbles a land mark was made by the residents of the street, Weatherfield's very own Ken Barlow was on who stood in the way of the workmen on that cold December day.


David Cameroon said...

If you have ever walked over cobbles you will know how uncomfortable they are underfoot. Rawsie etc would never be able to totter over them in heels.

Seanie said...

I know this is nothing to do with the post, but that sky is photoshopped as it is full of apartents and Granada buildings in real life.