Sunday, 11 July 2010

Builders at War?

A small builders yard on Victoria Street, ran by William 'Bill' Webster is under pressure from a bigger firm, ran by Owen Armstrong. Builders Jason Grimshaw and Bill Webster were expecting to get a contract to reconstruct Underworld, that is until Mr. Armstrong muscled in and gave a better offer.

"To put it simply, it's thievery" claimed Mr. Webster "We we're all lined up to go and rebuild Underworld, then this nobody swans in and claims he's got 30 builders - Me and Jase cant compete with that, we simply haven't got the money."

"It's not right, we had the job to repair the roof on the day that madhead blew it up" explained Mr. Grimshaw "Carla owes us!" Mr. Armstrong refused to comment on the situation.


James Bond said...

Hm, poor old Bill and Jase seem to have been shafted here, that will teach people to discuss important business in a loud voice in the Rovers which could lead to industrial espionage.

Chewy said...

Yep, but you cant help but feel sorry for poor Bill :p